40-50% reduction in PPE product prices for distributors

40-50% reduction in PPE product prices for distributors

Why switching to OGRIFOX PPE is a smart move. And why we recommend shipping your products from our EU warehouse.

In today's dynamic business landscape, choosing the right supplier for your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of your workforce. With a plethora of options available, it's essential to partner with a distributor that not only offers good quality products but also goes the extra mile to meet specific requirements of your clients.

OGRIFOX, your one-stop destination for PPE solutions in the UK.

1) A Comprehensive Range of PPE Products

OGRIFOX is a PPE supplier that stands out for its extensive catalog of PPE products, ranging from safety gloves, boots, goggles, jackets, blouses, hi-vis jackets, helmets, filter masks, and half-masks to shoe covers and safety overalls. With over 550 products from 25 reputable brands, OGRIFOX ensures that you find everything your clients need to safeguard their teams across various industries.

2) Uncompromising Safety Standards

At OGRIFOX, product safety is non-negotiable. All PPE products meet stringent EU / UCKA safety standards and come with relevant certifications, giving the assurance of reliability and performance in demanding work environments.

3) Specialised Gear For Every Industry

Whether your client's needs are basic Poliur BB or Lateks CB gloves for everyday warehouse jobs, protective suits for hazardous environments, or industry-specific gear, such as those for welding or beekeeping, OGRIFOX has you covered.

4) Get PPE cheaper from our EU warehouse.

OGRIFOX offers two pricing options: one for orders dispatched from its UK-based warehouse, which covers higher business costs after Brexit in the UK, and another option we hold for orders shipped directly from our European Distribution Center. You get to choose. While the latter boasts more competitive (approximately. 40-50% reduction in product prices), customers are still responsible for duty fees and shipping costs. Please consider this. But we guarantee help with your shipments along the way.

5) Commitment to Timely Delivery and Customer Support

When you choose OGRIFOX, anticipate swift delivery of your PPE goods, with turnaround times as rapid as 2 days Parcelforce for items stocked in the UK. Alternatively, orders shipped from our European Distribution Center may take up to 10 days for shipping - still an excellent alternative when you order in bulk every month - an especially good option for bigger distributors. We help you at any point via email, or a scheduled 1:1 Zoom call.

6) Sustainability and Innovation

OGRIFOX is committed to sustainability, offering to be more eco-friendly in the years ahead. Additionally, the company stays ahead of the curve by embracing innovative approaches to PPE distribution, including prompt online ordering and Zoom 1:1 consultations with our team.

Make the Switch to OGRIFOX Today!

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