Work Boots and Safety Footwear for Leg Protection When it comes to protecting your legs in hazardous work environments, choosing the right footwear is crucial. Work boots and safety boots provide the necessary protection and comfort to keep you safe and productive on the job. At Ogrifox, we offer a wide range of work boots designed to meet the demands of various industries. From durable work boots to waterproof safety boots and steel-toe cap boots, we have you covered. You can find here work boots that are both year-round and winter boots, ankle boots, and sandals. Work Boots: A Solid Foundation for Safety and Comfort Discover our extensive collection of work boots designed to provide optimal protection and comfort. We offer work boots suitable for different industries, including construction, manufacturing, and logistics. Our work boots are crafted from high-quality materials to withstand rugged environments and ensure long-lasting durability. Safety Boots: Ensuring Maximum Workplace Safety Our selection of cowhide safety boots meet the requirements of EN20345 and EN20344 standards. We offer safety boots that reach above the ankle, with oil-resistant, anti-sliding soles, made of polyurethane. Safety boots feature reinforced toe caps, providing essential protection against impact and compression – their steel tips are resistant to strikes with an energy of 200 J and crushing force of up to 15 kN. Waterproof Safety Boots: Protection in Wet and Challenging Environments Stay dry and comfortable in wet conditions with our waterproof safety boots. These boots feature advanced waterproofing technologies to keep feet protected from water and moisture. Benefit from the combination of safety features and waterproofing, ensuring all-around performance in demanding work environments. Steel Toe Cap Boots: Enhanced Protection for Hazardous Environments Our range of steel toe cap boots offer superior protection against heavy objects and impacts. Steel toe caps provide a solid barrier for the toes, minimizing the risk of injuries. Our steel-toe cap boots are designed to meet the highest safety standards while providing exceptional comfort and durability. Find Your Perfect Fit Ensure the right fit for optimal comfort and safety by utilizing our size guides and fitting tips. Choose from various sizes and wide-width options to accommodate different foot shapes. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you in finding the perfect work boots for your clients’ specific needs. Investing in high-quality work boots and safety footwear is essential for leg protection in hazardous work environments. At Ogrifox, we offer a comprehensive range of work boots, safety boots, waterproof safety boots, and steel-toe cap boots to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With our commitment to quality, comfort, and safety, you can trust Ogrifox to provide you with the footwear your clients need to work with confidence. Explore our collection and find the perfect boots for all types of workplace requirements.